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 Balloon Volleyball


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<What is balloon volleyball?>



Balloon volleyball is a “communication sport” in which anybody can take part, regardless of age or physical condition. Originally invented for disabled people, it is a player-friendly sport. The basic rule is that every player must touch the balloon before the balloon is returned to the opponent team. Therefore, players naturally talk each other, get close, and will eventually be united with friendship.


We call it “the communication sport that delights our brain”. We need to know what I can do or can’t do and what the other players can do or can’t do. We talk each other and help each other. Not only enjoying physical exercise, but we can enjoy vivid communication. By associating with diverse people and experiencing new things, we can be flexible and open-minded.





<Basic official rules>



1. Use the court and net for badminton.


2. There are 6 players in a team, which consists of both handicapped (the disabled, the elderly, and children, etc.) players and not handicapped.


3. The balloon is served into play. Players take turns to serve. If the server fails to serve, he/ she can try again.


4. Players can touch the balloon only with one hand, but handicapped players can touch with any part of the body. Every player must touch the balloon at least once, before the balloon is sent to the opponent’s court. A player can touch the balloon twice, but not in succession. A team can touch the balloon at most 10 times.


5. The rally continues until the ball is grounded, or goes “out” of the court, or a team fails to return it properly. The team winning the rally scores a point (Rally Point System). A game is usually played for 10 minutes.




Pracrice: once a month, for 2 hours, (300 yen)


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